Dynamics NAV 2015 and Windows 8.1 (Not PRO)

I’ts turned out that you can’t install Dynamics NAV 2015 web client components on Windows 8.1 not PRO edition. The bloody thing does not  support Windows Active Directory, so can’t enable windows authentication for IIS, which is prerequisite fro WEB client. So, MSFT just made another £100 of me 🙂 Yeah, upgrade to PRO costs just £100.

So, buying a new laptop – check what version of windows is installed on it!

2 thoughts on “Dynamics NAV 2015 and Windows 8.1 (Not PRO)

  1. IK

    Sure? We are running Web client with NavUserPassword authentication in many instances, which does not use AD. Never tried _installing_ though.

    1. ppavuk Post author

      well, of course you can run web client (which is just a browser) on any machine, with any supported authentication. The thing is that you just can not install IIS Web Client components on the machine running Windows 8 (not pro), to make it web client server 🙂 Confusing, they call ‘web client’ all this asp pages and asp application you need to install on IIS. It fails when you try to install IIS dependencies (particularly can’t find web server feature called ‘Windows Authentication’) .


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