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Timestamp and NAV 2015

Doing an integration work I’ve created a new table. I’ve decided to keep filed names as they come in inbound XML file, just to keep things simple. Ok, it is against the MS naming conventions, but no people will look into this intermediate table, so i decide to go this way.

And know what, I’ve get trapped almost immediately. My inbound XML file had a field named ‘timestamp’.

Guess what I got?

This one:


Ok, it is clear that any SQL table (and NAV tables are SQL tables) already have column named ‘timestamp’

So, stick to MS naming conventions and you won’t be in trouble :).

Record Link and Notification in NAV 2013R2.

Yeah, no posts for a long time. The reason is simple. I am currently working for a customer on 2009SP1, classic. There is nothing to post about…

But, earlier this year I have had a customer request, when customer wanted some notifications to be created, triggered by NAS. Ok, sound simple, say the condition met and all we need is to insert a text into ‘Note’ field of a ‘Record Link’ table.

There is even a standard code to do so (can be found in the codeunit 454 ‘Job Queue – Send Notification’, local function ‘SetText’. What can be easier?

All coding has been done in little time, matter of hours, but initial testing revealed that the notification text is truncated. Even more, some messages were all right, but some badly truncated…

I’ve tried everything. But, the answer was simple – wrong build. I was on 7.1.36366.0. I’ve upgraded my installation to 7.1.40076.0 – and problem gone. All my truncated notes now looks just fine.

Another reason to keep everything updated!